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Located at the center of Portugal the Terras de Sicó region extends over six municipalities around the Serra de Sicó massif.The mountain is a living testimony of the region's ancestral history, offering numerous archaeological remains around extensive oak forests.


With its origins around 150 years ago, Lagar Camporez is owned and managed by the third family generation.

Located in the heart of “Serra de Sicó”, the central region of Portugal, it is the home of centenary olive trees bearing the “Galega” olive variety, also known as the “Portuguese Olive”.

A mystical flavour of olive oil is born by the family passion for olives combined with the unique microclimate of the “Serra de Sicó” and the ancient “Galega”.




Every year the family gathers to help harvest the olives. They are harvested with care and traditional methods. The older generation places and holds the large nets around the olive tree while the younger generation carefully handpicks the olives.

The olives are then taken to the local mill, approximately 10 km from the fields, where the transformation process takes place.

The olive oil is stored in large stainless-steel containers where is kept under temperature control until the laboratory test results of its quality and classification are completed.

After bottling, the olive oil is on its way to you.



Olive Oil

Olive Trees are living monuments of the History of mankind. A symbol of immortality that merges with the history, tradition, and culture.

The consumption of olive oil is strongly advised by doctors and specialists, for its richness in antioxidants and vitamin E, among other benefits. It has been proven and tested in several international studies that the balanced consumption of olive oil, due to its characteristics, show great health benefits.