Olive Oil

A small farm where we
look after centenarian’s
olive trees and collect its
olives to local delivery to
the mill.
From the mill to your table.


Located at the center of Portugal the Terras de Sicó region extends over six municipalities around the Serra de Sicó massif.The mountain is a living testimony of the region's ancestral history, offering numerous archaeological remains around extensive oak forests.


With its origins around 150 years ago, Lagar Camporez is owned and managed by the third family generation.

Located in the heart of “Serra de Sicó”, the central region of Portugal, it is the home of centenary olive trees bearing the “Galega” olive variety, also known as the “Portuguese Olive”.

A mystical flavour of olive oil is born by the family passion for olives combined with the unique microclimate of the “Serra de Sicó” and the ancient “Galega”.



The History

Over three generations ago, the camporez family settled in this land when traveling from the north looking for warmer weather and a better soil to plant apple trees.

Legend tells they fell in love with the olive trees and decided to keep them.

As most olive trees were already there, no one knows how old they are but, with certainty, some olive trees have more than 100 years.
Although many are centenary the family maintains the tradition of planting a new olive tree for every new member of the family, making the youngest olive tree in the farm nearly 2 years old.


Olive Oil

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