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Angjusten is a project inspired by our passion for nature, and all the unimaginable tastes it has to offer.

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of Portugal

Portugal is the most western country in Europe, filled with history, colours, and tastes.

We strive to keep our traditional farming methods to respect the origins and the tastes of our products. Small independent productions help maintain the quality and the sustainability of nature while providing us with the unique sensation of a natural and magical taste.

Our products celebrate tradition and our desire to find the best nature has to offer us. They complement us and, we hope it helps you bring your family and friends to meet and celebrate around a table filled with unique tastes, colours, and flavours.


Produtos Angjusten


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Passion for its origins

We respect our products by sourcing through small farmers that share our passion for nature, history, and tradition of extracting the best taste nature can offer.


We work with the owners to continue with traditional and sustainable farming practices with respect for our planet and the next generations.

Nutrition and Health

We are passionate about promoting and healthy nutrition through the care we put into our products. We hope they become the way of sharing it with your loved ones.

Porto Wine

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Olive Oil



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Get to Know us

Above all, we are friends that share the passion for nature and a sustainable future.

We are on a journey to discover the best tastes nature can produce and bring you through our comitted relationships with independent farmers that share our passion and care for nature.